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The ReadClip program was originally developed as a blogger's tool to read and write posts on internet forums. ReadClip is a TTS Reader that can read and spell check posts and manage several text and picture clips at a time in the Windows clipboard.  Combined with Hotkeys Macros,  ReadClip is the most powerful TTS Reader on the market. Try all the features before you buy,  keep the TTS Reader for FREE! ..more..



FREE YouTube browser with a Video Frame Recorder

Click for U2Browser Homepage

Simple IE style browser. Download & Play YouTube videos. Organize favorites. Capture & edit frames from any video source. Includes a spellchecker.


  • Text to speech

  • XML file support

  • Set pronunciation

  • Spell check

  • Multi-Clipboard

  • Speech To MP3s

  • Rich Text Editor

  • Hotkeys Macros

  • Free upgrades

  • On-line support

Try the full featured  version for 15 days. The TTS Reader feature is  FREE and never expires. 



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